Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sticking to my new years resolution

All the ami's I made in September/October/November
I really didn't make any resolutions but I did say I wasn't going to stress out over things not getting done or over things I had really no control over, so today is day four of not stressing out (Despite the phone bill and electricity bill ariving in the post).  Talked with my bro and mum on Skype this morning for over an hour and then with a friend on yahoo so the morning came and went without a thing being done.  The weather is crap, wet and windy (but warm) so the garden jobs will not get done today either.  So I think I'll sit and hook for the rest of the day, one bunny down and one half done.  I might get into the craft room and try and get all my jewelry findings and beads all into one place but no biggie if I don't, I know what I will do and thats bath the dog, even as I type she has picked up my thoughts and is creeping towards the bedroom where she will hide under my bed quivering.
Depending on what the weather is doing at the weekend I might go to market with a few things.  I have no flower hair ties left and they sold really well in the past so that might be tomorrows little thing to do. 
One of the chrissy presents I got was a new laminator, I'm itching to start making small affirmation cards, using some of my photo's edited with an affirmation on them. Its on the list of things to do this month but again no stress if it doesn't get done.  There is also another little idea I have involving crochet and laminating but thats my secret for now.

January is also earmarked for getting at least two patterns down, I've been promising the little grubs and little petals for ages now.  I've started a wordpress blog for crocheting and another one here as well. I'm finding it increasingly hard to use Blogger because XP is out of date and I can only update if I go to 7 or Vista. Its a bit of a bugger getting into Blogger, sort of going round the houses and up through the back paddock and then sneak in over the fence.  But i'm used to it now and I much prefer it to wordpress so I'm hanging in there.


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  1. I like your no stress, no pressure approach to life now. I might have to adopt it as my theme for the year. You continue to keep busy don't you. Sorry you've had such trouble with Blogger. Hang in there.