Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm Back minus the GB

Well that little op wasn't as bad as I expected, I didn't have as much pain as I thought I would have and had my first painkiller free day yesterday.  Saw my GP today who read the surgeons report and it was a text book lap op.  Not eating much, everything cause the most terrible wind and I'm thinking of hiring myself out at the wind farm, I think I could single handedly generate enough power to keep a small town going for a few weeks.  I'm a bit upset about my belly button, as belly buttons go it was quite a nice one, now it looks horrible with a scar running through the centre of it, its a good job I don't parade around in bikini's (boy o boy, now that would be a sight).
The storms that have been threatening us all week finally arrived - the second I walked out of the docs to walk to the other side of town where I had left my car.  Oh well, a bit of rain never hurt anyone.  My car overheated and lights came on on the dash that I didn't even know were there, I was close to home and since I had left my mobile phone on the bedside table I carried on going.  I know I need a new battery and I just have enough for that if tighten the purse strings and don't buy presents for anyone.  I thought about making up gift baskets for family and close friends - garden ones, pamper ones and goody bag ones for the girls, I'm making them a bracelet each and the long legged dolls that were in the mags earlier in the year.  I've been trying to catch up with making stuff for the markets, I missed two this week so hopefully this coming weekend the storms will stay away till the late afternoon and I can get a market in. 
There is so much I need to get done, this year has just galloped away from me no matter how hard I pull on the reins, it aint slowing down.  Bit I have packed a lot in, even so I will be glad to see the back of this year and start the new year healthy and happy.


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  1. Glad your operation went well. And hope you are getting plenty of rest!