Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bad, Bad Blogger

I am a bad blogger, once upon a time I used to make regular posts, I was always reading others blogs and its such a chore.  I was busier then, no excuse now, I have lots of free time, I am doing more things, life is interesting.  I no longer have the need to tell the entire world every detail of my life. I craft, I make beautiful things but I Have no urge to post every single stitch. Was it blogger overload or have I moved on, was I looking for validation that I was on the right track? Who knows and to be quite honest...who cares?
But for those who do care here is an update. This is what I made recently for the village, its to replace the one i made before that got stolen. Ryan and Lavinia got engaged and bought a house. Matt is living back home with me.  I'm still vollying at the info centre and being a literacy tutor.  My health is good. The garden is good, we just had a major trim of all the trees.  I resisted the temptation to get a new puppy. I'm still housekeeping the holiday home next door.  The house still needs the plumbing fixed, the floorboards need replacing in various rooms the whole place needs a repaint. Such is life and it goes on and on and on. I'm enjoying being alive. I'm not going to make any promises to be a better blogger cos I know thats going to be a big porky and I will soon break it.