Sunday, June 24, 2012

doors closing and opening.......

.......this year seems to be a year of things ending and new beginnings. 

Volunteering has brought me new ideas and thought patterns, this time last year I would have never thought I could be this far out of my comfort zone. I've actually become part of a group, I've always been a loner and never a joiner of things, I prefer my own company, have a couple of really close friends and a few acquaintances and I have been happy with that.  So being in a group and being a part of a whole is a new thing for me.  I've even held my hand up for a few things as well.
 I've let go of trying to make money out of my craft, it just aint gonna work and I really just enjoying creating for the sheer pleasure I get out of it.  I haven't made anything for me for ages, so I'm going to spend a few days not doing anything and seeing what inspiration hits.  I've been so busy making things for other people that the pleasure went out of it.  I want to do more for the magazines, but the christmas deadline is fast approaching and I would have to get it made, get the pattern typed up and the photo done all by next monday.  Perhaps next month i will make the effort, but like everything else i am not going to stress out over it if it doesn't get done.